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Exclusive 321 Instructor Certification Course

321 Training Method Level 1 and 2 is suitable for Gym/ETM instructors and Personal Trainers who want to learn the Hollywood workout.


TML1 focuses on proper form and technique when strength training

with free-weights.  It is a back to basics strength training program

that gives you multiple days of workouts and progresses you in a

safe and effective way to help your clients reach their goals.


TML2 is a time-saving 45 minute workout that uses compound

exercises and unilateral training techniques to improve symmetry,

balance and core strength.


Level 1 will give you the initial Participation Certificate indicating that you have the general knowledge on how to use the 321 training principles which is a pre-requisite to the Level 2. On completion of the Level 2 course you can become a fully Certified 321 Instructor and gain membership to the 321 Instructor Club in the UK. You are then able to teach this method to your private clients. Note if you are bringing this course to a Club, the Club needs to have a license to run this program.

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321 Instructor Club:

- The 321 Instructor Club is free for the first year on completion of Level 2 certification.

- After the first year (free) the 321 Instructor Club costs £25 per year

- Listing as a 321 Instructor in the UK

- Full use of marketing pack and logo’s

- 321 Nutrition Plan E-book

- Invitation to 321 Instructor meet-ups and additional courses

- Opportunities to present and take part in 321 promotional events


Ramona will be sharing the 321 Nutrition Plan which you can use with your

clients and add it to your repertoire and business (providing you are a 321

Instructor). You will receive the 321 Nutrition manual and DVD (if you have not got

one already) and marketing materials (official logo and pictures). You will

be able to ask Ramona your questions about the 321 method, training tips, general



NEXT 321 Nutritional PLan workshop date

When:  (Next date to be confirmed)

Where:  Venue to be confirmed  

What: Along with the workshop you will be able to ask Ramona your questions

about the 321 method, training tips, general advice etc. The idea is that after learning the 321 Nutrition Plan we will have time to share, learn and see how everyone is doing.

Refreshments will be served and then we can retire to the bar after the session should anyone want to!

Cost: £25

321 Nutrition Plan workshop

321 Nutrition Plan Book 321 Nutritional Plan Workshop