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By beckydalby, Mar 19 2015 12:15PM

With the launch of my new book Feel Fit Look Fantastic in 3-2-1 available currently in India but coming soon to North America, I had the chance to visit several gyms to do book signings. It made me smile to know that fitness has arrived and that many want to know how to tackle genetic predispositions to Heart Disease and Diabetes.

Follow the link to watch a fun interview I did for TV 9 in Bangalore!

By beckydalby, Dec 31 2014 04:49PM

Resolutions to Results in 10 minutes!

Join Coach Ramona Live on Saturday January 3rd 2015 from 6 - 9pm (GMT) as she presents her second year of Global Fitness Day!

Global Fitness Day is a movement to inspire people around the world to think about their total wellness and launch a plan to reach their personal best! Meet Ramona in her home town of Brockville Ontario at the YMCA where she will share the Secrets her stars use to turn resolutions into results or Join Ramona for an online chat via Ramona Braganza 321 Fitness Facebook page!

Make this year the year you turn your fitness and health resolutions into Results!

By beckydalby, Dec 5 2014 02:01PM

Today I realized my true calling when I saw the the nodding heads of 15 teenage girls who barely understood English, but who got the bigger message I was sharing with them. Coming from a terrifying past of having been trafficked at a young age, harmed physically and emotionally and now in a safe house, these girls were looking up at me smiling as I presented a talk called “Empower, Believe, Create, Succeed”.

It is the motivational talk I give often at conventions in the Western world to a wide variety of people, people who have homes, families, enough food to eat, money to spend but who just need a push at getting motivated. Today this talk took on a whole new meaning. Motivation of the mind was going to be the difference for them between life on the street again, or a life of hope in the real world. With a translator I shared the secret I have experienced in my life; we are all capable of doing anything we set our minds to do, even in times where we feel we can’t go on. I saw them light up, I challenged them to become my first Fitness trainers in India; they got excited. Then I demonstrated to them that we are all capable of being strong and fit as I dropped down and did 30 push-ups (in my old age LOL) They laughed and tried to imitate me.

Today was a very special Sunday. Sure, its great to train movie stars, but its even more rewarding to be able to empower those who have not discovered their own potential yet in this world. Girl power!

By beckydalby, Sep 24 2014 02:17PM

Ramona's next visit to London is fast approaching! Check out the below dates and get your self booked on one or two of the great events we are hosting in October.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Saturday 11th October - Baby Bulge Be Gone, London Retreat. 10am - 1pm, Notting Hill.

Saturday 11th October - 321 Nutrition Plan workshop. 3.30 - 5.30pm, CitizenM Hotel, Bankside, SE1 0NZ.

Sunday 12th October - 321 Instructor Certification course. 10am - 5pm, Jubilee Hall Trust, Covent Garden.

Monday 13th October - 321 Training event, Sudbury. (Details to come shortly).

Tuesday 14th October - 321 Training workshop, Covent Garden Reebok Fit Hub. (Details to come shortly).

By beckydalby, Aug 26 2014 08:46PM

Let me take you Behind the Scenes of one of my personal workouts.

With today being that in between day that falls between Good Friday and Easter Sunday it is a time of quiet reflection for me. While at the gym I realized that one of the greatest gifts God has given me is my Health and Wellness. It’s easy for many of us to forget the good and focus on the bad. Yes there are times my knees are dodgy, my lower back aches, my flexibility is less than what I would like or finishing a longer run is harder than it used to be, but the truth is that I am still extremely grateful for what I can do. Keeping a healthy perspective is key, its accepting the not so good with the great! I am grateful and content with my body and so In keeping with this theme, I thought that I would share one day of my 3-2-1 workout, the program that helps me to Keep the Edge over age!

If your ready to come behind the scenes with my workout , here is is!

The order of the 3-2-1 workout is

Cardio 1 Circuit A Cardio 2 Circuit B Cardio 3 Core

I take 2 minute breaks between the cardio and circuits and only 1 min between each set of the circuit ( I do 3 sets)

Cardio 1: 10 minutes

Warmup walk on the treadmill at 4.2 for 2 minutes

Jog for 8 minutes at 5.5

Circuit A: 3 Sets Set 1 Set 2 Set 3

Chest press on a flat bench -20 reps 15lb DB 17.5lb DB 20lb DB

Russian Lunge -20 reps per leg no weights 10 lb DB 12.5lb DB

Tricep dips of the bench 20 reps 20 reps 20 reps

Cardio 2 10 minutes

Jog on treadmill at 5.0 for 2 minutes

10 Sprint intervals- treadmill speed at 9.0 on .5 incline

10 seconds sprint with 15 seconds recovery

Jog remainder time of approx. 3minutes and 45 seconds at 5.5

Circuit B: 3 Sets Set 1 Set 2 Set 3

Chest Flyes on an incline bench- 20 reps 10lb DB 12.5lb DB 12.5lb DB

Seated Shoulder Press- 20 reps 10 lb DB 10lb DB 7.5lb DB

Deadlifts 20 reps with a barbell 45lb BB 65 lb BB 65lb BB

Note: I began my Seated shoulder press with too heavy a weight so I had to drop down to 7.5 . I still completed the number of reps. This training technique is called a drop set.

Cardio 3 10 minutes

Jog on treadmill at 5.0 for 2 minutes

10 Sprint intervals- treadmill speed at 9.0 on .5 incline

10 seconds sprint with 15 seconds recovery

Walk for remaining approx. 3 minutes – incline level 4 at 4.2 speed

I completed my workout today with a 5 minute Core routine in preparation for Bikini beach season, this 5 minute excuse proof ab workout will be one of the 6 workouts to be featured on FitClub in Women’s Health Magazine launching May 20th. So make sure to check it out!

Calories burned over 500.

Get motivated to train hard with my Ramona321 App on iTunes

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