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321 Fitness Retreats & Workshops

Join me on a motivational and inspirational experience set within luxurious, resort-style locations across the Globe. Exclusive retreats range between 1, 3 and 7 days. They offer attendees a chance to achieve breakthrough improvements in their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


The 321 Fit Retreats usually include:

Baby Bulge Be Gone, London Workshop

When: To be confirmed

Where: Central London

Price: £49 per person

Details: Within this 2 hour workshop you will learn the 'Baby Bulge Be Gone' program recomended byRamona's clients Halle Berry and Jessica Alba. You will learn Ramona's key exercises to help you loose the "Baby Bulge', the 12 week nutritional plan (with a free copy of Ramona's 321 Nutrition Plan), and the 3 phase workout that will give you the transformation you deserve.

Up-coming Retreats & Workshops

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  • Daily 321 Training Method workouts, including a personalized workout program and complimentary DVD

  • Informative session featuring my 321 Nutrition Plan and a complimentary copy of my 321 Nutrition Plan E-book

  • Healthy cooking classes featuring fresh local ingredients

  • Daily Yoga/Pilates classes to release stress and increase flexibility

  • Daily meditative practices, often led in a beautiful tropical setting

  • Inspirational speakers to inspire and energize

  • And 321 Transform: a potentially life-changing experience to empower you and increase confidence